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OC – Elijah Von Rosen Name: Elijah Curtis Von Rosen
Age: 18
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 283
Species: Red Wolf
Sex: Male
Preference: Gay
Hometown: Hartford, CT
Bio: Eli was excited about becoming bionic as it would give him laser focus and perfect stance on his board making him the ultimate boarder. However once taking the nanobot, he started to feel a strange tingle in his crotch as it had suddenly grown in size, because of his huge dick hole, he suddenly felt the urge to stick his own hand in, now he can’t help but stick anything in at all times, even his brothers’ dicks. While Cain Inc. names him as their most adaptable future soldier, he can help but want to carry everything in his huge balls. he has a medium build, and is slightly shorter than Kaden, his usual attire is a wetsuit with the top half zipped down to his waist, it’s easy to see the top of his dick in it, and he has a green and yellow surfboard, he has spiked brown hair with red tips.

Co-Creator of the Von Rosens – justin727
BTC: 36C8sWgTMU9x1HA4kFxYouK4uST7C2seBB
BAT: 0x45FC0Bb9Ca1a2DA39b127745924B961E831de2b1
LBC: bZ82217mTcDtXZm7SF7QsnSVWG9L87vo23

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