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D’oh Thank God You’ve Answered

paypal.me/NoahJB123 It’s not everyday you meet someone known to many,but today I answered a call from the crotchety old man, Milton Fludgecow. I wonder what he needs help with this time. ————– Support BTC: bc1qk7xwm6d3h62ryemqxqt8ahwaq9zj2z4fpllhag LTC: LRCwBwbnZwNPQBrb8i9eAnabmVRM2pfnog DOGE: D7A1fRFHpKqFCdKAVyxW73m6tqzVrT7gaN DASH: XvHv9bR7fimYRfrNwo3h6H6wGnkZYq8ufr ETH: 0x45FC0Bb9Ca1a2DA39b127745924B961E831de2b1 XRP: rDgDuTLEtNXKhGHPZPwYN9LjZcJXCbyCEz XLM: GDEZDZYWGBCIXWEMEZBTUE4B5H6N4WBYKVY6GQBKCFIL5HOUUNUOI6S3 MEMO: 650031047 BCH: bitcoincash:qpuywm48d9e3u98cgtyhmzrnwtnkpnc4p5dc0wkg6u BTG: AJcWz4jBCdCgtudTyRA43gXPw7pweJhuqo ZEC: t3T9Dm9ZTUdzNjJVfJQWnBGDgbJoDrzc4KYContinue reading “D’oh Thank God You’ve Answered”

OC – Professor Bryan Mach von Braun

paypal.me/NoahJB123 Name: Bryan Mach von Braun Age: 27 Height: 6’1″ Weight: 362 Species: German Shepherd Sex: Male Preference: Bisexual Hometown: Munich, Germany Bio: Professor Bryan von Braun is a college professor at Harvard. He got his degrees at a very young age and is now teaching new generations of students. His classes range from allContinue reading “OC – Professor Bryan Mach von Braun”

The Circus Is In Town

paypal.me/NoahJB123 I don’t usually find myself in such brooding states, but I took on a different disguise this time. This time, I became Pennywise and danced about as animalistic phantoms appeared out of the darkness. As I danced, a jaunty but unnerving carnival tune echoed all around (www.youtube.com/watch?v=GgDQOC…). Walten Files Characters created by Martin Walls http://dlvr.it/RpvhPJ

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