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Straitfox is a user who is in reality a very kind and very gentle person who has multiple times been the target of a few artists who slander him and project who they are onto him.

He has been under this kind of attack constantly for a number of years. Some of the people who are stalking and harassing him include, but are not limited to:

  • Berty-J-A/Dark-Lamprey
  • CurtSibling

We at the Paper Hat Society know Straitfox personally and he is not who his attackers claim he is. He has asked us to help him convey a message to counteract them:

“I am no troll, and never got “banned” anyway because of some idiot SJWs.
Secondly I am not abusive posting or “creepy stalking” but hey its fair play since
other trolls like you did it to me but you’re too chicken shit and butthurt to unblock me listening to your pal Scotskunk.

How about we block you instead?”


Update to my life (reupload)
Explanation of his true self

So just to let you know
Journal about double standards of social media


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