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Kosmik’s Stalker Ring

Kosmik, also known as KosmikTymD3D, is the head of a organized ring of trolls that have since 2020 been stalking and harassing a user named DarkHerobrine99, constantly accusing of pedophilia when little to no evidence exists to justify their claims.

They have for 3 years claimed that this individual was grooming a 17-year-old named Cody Brockels by sending him an NSFW pic.

However, this accusation seems very suspicious as they only show screencaps of the part they want people to see and not the whole conversation. It’s also suspicious that this Cody Brockels guy claims he’s 17. Anyone with an email address can claim to be any age. Hell, the FBI poses as children all the time to catch child molestors. So I have my doubts that he was even 17. For all I know, he could be a 40-year-old posing as a minor so his “friends” could frame DarkHerobrine99. And when you voice your doubts about this incident, these people verbally assault you, which is even more suspicious.

This is the reason this article was written. I suspect falsehood is a play.

Other users in Kosmik’s ring (might) include but are not limited to:

Lord Ben Maza / Jedi Griffin Pictures
Flame Hammer
Spanish Giovanni
Princess Ariel Seashell
Buzzy Trombone
SuperDisney Fan


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