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Why HungotheNomster is a hypocritical egomaniac [WARNING! GORE IMAGES AHEAD]

I am a humble man that usually keeps to himself most of the time. However, if there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s hypocritical people.

Below here you see the drawing that caused HungotheNomster to vilify me:

Now he shot some very nasty words my way when he was talking about it:

Now just a god-damned minute! When I made that pic, I was making it with a couple of my favorite horror directors in mind: Stephen King and Tobe Hooper.

My pic has some very obvious references to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre in it, but the only thing that comes close to “gore” is the taxidermied parts in the background. Now the way I depicted them, they aren’t all that horrifying.


I’d like for you to compare mine to a handful of the pics the rest of the community has made:

All these horrifying illustrations and you choose to call MINE sick and effed up? What the hell is wrong with you!?

Sigh, that’s just me going on one of my trademark rants. Nothing much I can do about it. However, I now turn to you the people to decide. Which art is truly messed up?

Mine? Or theirs?

-Noah Bangs
Paper Hat Society

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