Sketch – Brickles A sketch of my Fleischer Studios cat FC, Brickles. ————– Support BTC: 36C8sWgTMU9x1HA4kFxYouK4uST7C2seBB BAT: 0x45FC0Bb9Ca1a2DA39b127745924B961E831de2b1 LBC: bZ82217mTcDtXZm7SF7QsnSVWG9L87vo23 Paypal: LiberaPay:… Patreon:… Ko-Fi:……… Posted using PostyBirb

OC – King Marcus Brisbane Name: King Marcus Daniel Brisbane Age: 33 Height: 6’0 Weight: 269 Species: Thylacine Sex: Male Preference: Pansexual Hometown: Ravenstown, Ponton, Victoria Bio: Marcus Brisbane is the current sovereign ruler over the kingdom of Victoria. His wife is Queen Sybil Brisbane. Marcus usually enjoys sessions of fetish and BDSM, often being the dominant one andContinue reading “OC – King Marcus Brisbane”

OC – Baron Mortimer Von Coffyn Name: Baron Mortimer Siegfried Von Coffyn Age: 82 Height: 7’1″ Weight: 313 Species: Siberian Husky Sex: Male Preference: Bisexual Hometown: Parrington, Cockshire, Victoria (Hails from Schwanzstuker, Weissloch) Bio: Baron Mortimer Von Coffyn is a ofiicial in the parliment of Victoria. He orginially hails from the country of Weissloch and speaks with a thick germanContinue reading “OC – Baron Mortimer Von Coffyn”

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