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OC – Angelo Name: Angelo Age: 26 Height: 6’7″ Weight: 342 lbs Species: Wolf Sex: Male Preference: Bisexual Hometown: Sacramento, CA Bio: Angelo is a wolf with a sexy bad boy attitude. He often spends his time hanging around the slums and seducing passerbys with the huge bulge in his pants. One of his common customers isContinue reading “OC – Angelo”

Grim Reaper’s Sprint (ICANN) “Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds” ~J. Robert Oppenheimer The power of death is at my fingertips, and with it, I easily go forth and strike down those that threaten me. A bloody scythe in my hands as I make my ghastly dash across the field. Zeronet (Full image & credits):Continue reading “Grim Reaper’s Sprint (ICANN)”

Horror Workshop – #003 – The Howler The Howler is an apparition known to haunt countless locations all over the world. It’s appearance is of a giant, disembodied ethereal mouth that produces the most terrifying screams heard by the souls unfortunate to encounter it. Strange enough, those who have heard the screams disappears mysteriously within a decade. Signs that The HowlerContinue reading “Horror Workshop – #003 – The Howler”

Flag – The Free States of the Asterlands This is the flag of The Asterlands. The Blue & Stars – The union of all 60 states.The Orange – The valor our founders shown in defending our countryThe Eagle – The proud symbol of our freedomThe Double Cross – Our sworn allegiance to GodThe Banner – The seal of our nations sovereignty, whichContinue reading “Flag – The Free States of the Asterlands”

Map – The Free States of the Asterlands This map is of the fictional, United States-like country called The Free States of the Asterlands. This country boast 60 states, 10 more than the US has. Legend AB – Alabaster AC – Acadia AP – Aspen BD – Beauregard CA – Chachata [Cha-KAY-Tah] CH – Chippewa CP – Coldport CS – Crenshaw CTContinue reading “Map – The Free States of the Asterlands”