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OC – Cheyenne Name: Cheyenne Shaniqua Snake-Tamer Age: 21 Height: 5’9″ Weight: 240 Sex: Female Species: Turkey Hometown: Plymouth, MA Bio: Cheyenne is the daughter of Erotekka chief, Flexing Horse. She is the most beautiful out of the squaws in the entire wigwam, and always has plenty of “meat” to feed the whole tribe. She’s always aContinue reading “OC – Cheyenne”


Chris-Chan ‘N’ Christian Spy Christian Weston Chandler is an artist I have the utmost respect for. He is someone who, like me, has taken a beating from the community, yet miraculously pulled through. I admire his Sonic FC, Sonichu. It’s very unique in it’s own way. I wish you the best of luck in the road ahead, Chris!Continue reading “Chris-Chan ‘N’ Christian Spy”

The Small, Insignificant Details When it comes to art and visuals, many people enjoy them to a great extent. I am such a person, but there is more to this than you think. When I look at something, I find it very interesting, but you’d be surprised to know that the smallest of details are what entertain meContinue reading “The Small, Insignificant Details”

Lemon Twist – Country 2020 (Live in Phoenix, AZ) It’s another year and another opportunity to sing some great country songs. This time we’re in the heat of Phoenix, Arizona, performing live at Chase Field. Acoustic Guitar, Lead Vocals – Me Wingman – Electric Guitar – Steele (Balto) Rhythm Guitar – Balto (Balto) Bass Guitar – Lt. Commander Steel (Swat Kats) Steel GuitarContinue reading “Lemon Twist – Country 2020 (Live in Phoenix, AZ)”

Busty, Buff Beach Babe Buddying Cassandra went down to the beach to workout as she usually does, keeping her jacked figure maintained. It just so happened that she came across a trio of horny teenagers who’s hormones have recently been springing to life. How lucky they are to have this bodybuilding babe flirt with them. Cassie finds them cute.Continue reading “Busty, Buff Beach Babe Buddying”

Ice Scream Break It’s All Hallows Eve again and there are some good treats on the market. I had a section my basement walk-in freezer filled with frozen halloween treats. Ice scream and ghost pops and cones, oh my. The seasonal flavors are so good, you’ll scream. Me – Quintuple-Scoop Halloween Cone & Ghost Pop Rouge –Continue reading “Ice Scream Break”