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JolteonTanker135 Got Owned Back in November 2020, some asshat on Twitter called @JolteonTanker135 had written me a nasty message about the election. Turns out I lost nothing but all he managed to do was make himself a laughingstock as of Sept 24, 2021. He spoke too soon after I had said there was falsification. I never speakContinue reading “JolteonTanker135 Got Owned”

IPFS Gallery QR Links These are the links to my pooled galleries on IPFS, an environment that is immutable and permanent. I love the decentralized web. StarWars888: ipfs://bafybeihev5grlerefupyy2bwnikysq7fxfqyvhqjfyrcq34slt44glgtgy Extra – Honesty: ipfs://bafybeichdgu56sfxigzchs4g3oyku2nand6qfblikahs3eckfqhiiscgwi ————– Support BTC: 36C8sWgTMU9x1HA4kFxYouK4uST7C2seBB BAT: 0x45FC0Bb9Ca1a2DA39b127745924B961E831de2b1 LBC: bZ82217mTcDtXZm7SF7QsnSVWG9L87vo23 Paypal: LiberaPay:… Patreon:… Ko-Fi:……… Posted using PostyBirb

My Band Of Merry Maidens Being a dragonborn isn’t all hack and slash. In fact, I have a group of sexy followers who want to help me every step of the way. As well as tending to other servies I require. >UO Lifts-Her-Tail, Pussywillow Moonsugar & Foxxy by Valsalia Kyra Sugarfang (Tsaesci) by Me ————– Support BTC: 36C8sWgTMU9x1HA4kFxYouK4uST7C2seBB BAT:Continue reading “My Band Of Merry Maidens”