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Death Awaits

Midnight at a bar, and a tune whistled out revealed that death was their. He seems to want your sweet embrace. After all, he is something to die for. — Support BTC: bc1qkrmjdxqdrgyfvszegj85q95ryjtcadvzdm5a4k BAT: 0x45FC0Bb9Ca1a2DA39b127745924B961E831de2b1 LBC: bZ82217mTcDtXZm7SF7QsnSVWG9L87vo23 Paypal: LiberaPay:… Patreon:… Ko-Fi:…………… Posted using PostyBirb

Lemon Twist (Live in Santa Fe, NM)

This time we’re way down southwest in New Mexico, ready to tear it up once again Band Members Guitar & Lead Vocals – Me Wingman – Rhythm Guitars – Clay Calloway (Sing 2), Jimmy Crystal (Sing 2), Angus Scattergood (Rock Dog) Bass Guitars – Yetshi (McTaylis), Mr. Wolf (The Bad Guys), Nooshy (Sing 2) KeytarContinue reading “Lemon Twist (Live in Santa Fe, NM)”