Smexual 16

magically_deciduous_methhead_witch_hazels_bitching_hour_as_coven_of_seven_make_stupid_noises_and_brew_drugs.hideous.pingpongballs.hocuspocus Witch Hazel’s midnight coven goes very bonkers when the 7 witches take her newest drug. Appearances¬† (Left to Right): Evil Queen (Disney Snow White), The Witch (The Halloween That Almost Wasn’t), Witchypoo (Pufnstuf), Witch Hazel (Looney Tunes), Madam Mim (Disney The Sword And The Stone), Wicked Witch (Wizard Of Oz), Winsome Witch (Hanna-Barbera) Quotes:Continue reading “Smexual 16”

Emperor of Mankind VS. Trollge

There is a false emperor sitting upon the throne of Holy Terra. An emperor who is much harder to kill than people think. The real Emperor of Mankind knows who the real enemy is. Trollge, the god of internet trolls, has usurped Holy Terra and is leading an army of Evil Twins against the fandoms.Continue reading “Emperor of Mankind VS. Trollge”

Big Bruh Is Watching You

This is Big Bruh. Big Bruh is the bastard child of Big Brother and the eyes and ears of Trollge. He would be the eternal oversight in a world ruled by the fascist totalitarian rule of internet trolls. Big Bruh is sex-negative, he is xenophobic and furthermore, he is against everything that isn’t approved byContinue reading “Big Bruh Is Watching You”

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