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Happy Halloweeny Ball Paint Job_ Jon [HungotheNomster]

Art by HungotheNomster I love to paint people’s bellies and ballsies up for Halloweeny uwu. So naturally the first pair of plumpkins I paint is my beloved Jon Talbain’s W>;;;. Jon Talbain is ¬© Capcom/Darkstalkers. J the purple wuff painting and artwork are ¬© me, aka ¬†hungothenomster Hope ya enjoy.


The Faithful – The Irish Brigade

Canonically, The Faithful comprise of soldiers from all over the United Kingdom. This encompasses England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. Speaking of which: THE IRISH BRIGADE A division of The Faithful comprised of special forces of Irish origin. Formed by Faithful general Thomas Kelly, this band of soldiers mostly consist of blacksmiths and machinists. The leadContinue reading “The Faithful – The Irish Brigade”

OC – Tabitha

Name: Tabitha Margot Haskell Age: 21 Height: 5’4 Weight: 173 Species: Otter Sex: Female Preference: Bisexual Hometown: Salem, MA Bio: Tabitha, also known as Goody Haskell, is the wife of Ezekiel Haskell, a resident of Salem. She often helps around the city as a copulator for the local church. She, like her fellow copulators, goContinue reading “OC – Tabitha”