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Big Bruh Is Watching You

This is Big Bruh.

Big Bruh is the bastard child of Big Brother and the eyes and ears of Trollge. He would be the eternal oversight in a world ruled by the fascist totalitarian rule of internet trolls.

Big Bruh is sex-negative, he is xenophobic and furthermore, he is against everything that isn’t approved by the Inner-Net Party. If trolls hate it, so does Big Bruh and he will see to it that all things hated are destroyed. If he rises to power, he will enslave the world and goose-step us into a regime that of which there will be no returning from.

War IS NOT peace! Freedom IS NOT slavery! Ignorance IS NOT strength! DO NOT cave into the demands of these digital parasites. You’re complete submission is exactly what they want from you. Don’t give it to them!

Trollge, the god of all internet trolls, has done enough damage and lead many to their grave via suicide. Even as we grasp onto the sweet reigns of liberty, he is the REAL cancer, an ACTUAL evil tumor growing, spreading in our midst.

Shout it! SHOUT! Shout out his name!

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