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OC – Ashton Pratt Name: Ashton Robert Pratt
Age: 21
Height: 5’9″
Weight: 257
Species: Czechoslovakian Wolfdog
Sex: Male
Preference: Pansexual
Hometown: Greenwich, CT
Bio: An employee of Cain Inc for 3 years, he developed an experimental nanobot that can morph flesh and tissue. He can change his body into different substances and resize his dick at will. Ashton had become a close partner of Correy, whom he is entrusted to all the projects by Cain Inc.
BTC: 36C8sWgTMU9x1HA4kFxYouK4uST7C2seBB
BAT: 0x45FC0Bb9Ca1a2DA39b127745924B961E831de2b1
LBC: bZ82217mTcDtXZm7SF7QsnSVWG9L87vo23

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