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Revolutionary War 2020 I’m a peace-loving individual and prefer it when things are at ease. However, this year shook up everything. After seeing the publication of Flashgitz’s videos: Furry Apocalypse, Sonic Gets Cucked and The Furry Disease, I have been called into action to protect these fandoms from this apparent minister of propaganda.

I have no problem if you speak your mind, but if you so much as harm a single hair on their heads, I WILL retaliate. I created the video Savior as my first action (…), and now it seems like after the attack on furries and sonic, a declaration of war has been made.

It’s Uncle Sam VS. Big John Bull all over again. Flashgitz is Edward Pakenham and I am Andrew Jackson. He wants furries to perish, I want to defend them. So here we are, locked in a digital revolutionary war.

If I might borrow a quote from Warner Bros:

“Dear, oh dear, oh dear, dear me. Oh dear me. What has come to so erase all thoughts of peace from off this place? Have they forgot? Tis love that’s bright and nought is gained by show of might.”
~Bird of Peace, The Ducktators (1942)

It’s tyrants like this that give me cause to fight for the liberty and peace for these fandoms, and by God, I will not rest until that goal is achieved.


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