Tea, Tranquility and Tiger Kisses

paypal.me/NoahJB123 A trip down to China left a pretty good mark on me. Not only did I learn about a lot of their culture, I was taught a very unique form of Kung Fu by one of the Serious Six.

Master Tigress taught me many things about the Lotus style, a romance/peace based style that conquers without harming a single hair on someones body. This particular meditation technique is known as the Tree of Passion. The male represents the roots and the trunk, the foundation of the world and the strength to hold it up. The female represents the branches, the fruit-bearing limbs that offer everything to the world. Both parts are sealed with a kiss as two hearts beat as one, completing the tree. Love, the most powerful force in the universe, channels through our bodies. Afterwards, she gave me a nice hot cup of Sakura tea.

After a short session of cuddling, we’ll both go grab something to eat at the buffet. I hear ol’ Mr. Ping makes some mean Dim Sum.

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